Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our DST events?
  • Destination Star Trek is Europe’s official Star Trek event, licensed by CBS Consumer Products. It will take the best elements of a convention and signing event to create a bit of something in-between. If you have never been to an event of this kind before, it will be a weekend of Star Trek celebration, with like minded fans all intent on having a good time.

  • 2019 (October) – Destination Star Trek Birmingham, United Kingdon – NEC Birmingham

    2018 (October) – Destination Star Trek Birmingham – United Kingdom – NEC, Birmingham

    2018 (April) – Destination Star Trek Germany – Messe Westfallenhallen Dortmund, Germany

    2016 (October) – Destination Star Trek Europe, United Kingdon – NEC, Birmingham

    2014 (October) – Destination Star Trek 3 – London, United Kingdom – ExCel, London

    2014 (February) – Destination Star Trek Germany – Frankfurt, Germany – Messe Frankfurt

    2012 (October) – Destination Star Trek London – London, United Kingdom – ExCel, London

  • 2021  12 – 14 November – Destination Star Trek London, ExCeL, London

    2022  23 – 25 September  – Destination Star Trek Germany – Dortmund, Germany

    2022  30 September – 2 October – Destination Star Trek London, ExCeL London

  • Fan conventions are fun, and people are genuinely there to have a good time. If you love Star Trek then you already have something in common with pretty much everyone else who will be attending.

  • Tickets will be sent to you via email shortly after you have ordered and once payment has been confirmed, your tickets will be attached as .PDFs to this email. Please ensure you enter your email correctly as this is the only means by which you will recieve your ticket. Print the tickets at home (not draft) or at a library/friends house and bring this with you on the day to exchange for physical pass or to be scanned for entry depending on your ticket type. Tickets may also be displayed on mobile smart phones for scanning.

    All ticket print outs/vouchers will have a unique bar code which will be scanned at all access points in and around the event and once your ticket has been scanned once, trying to access the same feature with a duplicate ticket will not work.

  • We only take payments by credit or debit cards. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Electron, Switch and Solo, Cirrus and Maestro cards. We regret that we do not accept American Express, Diners Club/Discover, JCB or CUP cards – if you have any queries please contact our ticket provider Eventbrite who can assist you further.

  • If you find yourself needing to UPGRADE your tickets this will be possible soon. All you need to do is log into your Eventbrite account and you will see an option to upgrade tickets. Follow the on screen prompts. If you do not see this option, simply contact us via email or our social platforms and we will let you know when this option is due to be available.

  • We have to be realistic and manage expectations; we usually attract a lot of people to our events and an actor’s time can only be spread so far. However, booking a photo shoot in advance is the best chance you will get. Buying an event ticket that includes additional opportunities is another good option too.

  • The guest list will continue to grow from the launch, we will let people know when the full line has been announced but depending on how well ticket sales go we could always add more up to the open of the event, so watch this space.

  • Guests are invited using a carefully considered guest plan – we cannot invite everybody and in some cases guests may already be busy with other work commitments and therefore unable to attend. Keep checking the guest pages and the latest news section where guests are announced when they sign up to our events.

  • Not very long. Do not expect the opportunity for a leisurely chat. With autographs, some guests will be busier than others so please be considerate of other attendees when you do get to the front of the queue. Take only as much time as you need to get your autograph, do not keep talking to a guest if they have moved onto the next person in line as you are then intruding on their time with that guest.

    In photo sessions we cannot stress enough that you will be quickly moved through a line due to time constraints and enabling everyone who wants a photo to get one.

  • Virtual queuing is an essential part of ensuring you do not spend your precious time at the event in never ending queues. For the guests in most demand you will simply collect a ticket at the beginning of the day from a crew member in that guests auto area, and this will be your queue number. Any time after your number has been called later in the day you may join the queue. This also makes sure that we can both manage numbers and demand on the day.

  • The DST Team have been working very hard to find a way to give you the most flexibility and choice when it comes to autographs, photo shoots and talks.

    Autographs and Photo shoots: For the packages that include photo shoots and autographs you will be told closer to the event of any part of the allocation being decided by the organisers via email, for the rest of your allocation you will be provided with vouchers on arrival that have a set value to use for certain guests attending the event.

    Talks: You will be given the option to choose a number at the time of purchasing a package that includes talks. Talks however will not be confirmed until much closer to the event, so please bare with us to find out which talks you will be getting in your group prior to the event. You will be notified by email shortly before the event.

  • Talk tickets, if applicable, will be available to buy closer to the event. We will confirm nearer to the time exactly when so please look out for notices via email and/or social media and this website!

  • No tickets are necessary for the Voyager and Excelsior stages that will offer free talks all weekend. Package holders please be aware that reserved seating in these 2 stages is on a first come first serve basis prior to the talk starting ONLY so we’d recommend carefully planning your day – as these seats will be filled shortly before a talk if they are not claimed.

  • Yes, at the time of purchasing simply select the same group number and you will recieve the same talk tickets.

  • Destination Star Trek events are very popular therefore it is recommended that you book your entry ticket early to avoid disappointment, some talks and photo shoots will be more popular than others but we will give fair warning via social media and this website if anything is running low due to demand.

  • Package holders get priority seating. The higher your rank, the closer to the stage you are. We recommend that you be in the queue for your ticket rank for a talk prior to the hall loading, to give yourself the best chance to take advantage of priority seating as once your rank has been seated we can only offer you the next best available seats, so don’t miss out!

    With our free content stages (Voyager and Excelsior) the priority seating area is strictly on a first come first serve basis and is limited in numbers. This will be manages by the crew at their discretion and their word will be final.

    The main hall will be emptied after every talk. The priority seating in the free stages will be managed by the crew and cleared if needed between talks – ticket holders with priorty seating will be able to remain in their seats between talks at the crew’s discretion, but any non-ticket holders who were given the option to sit in these seats to fill space will be asked to move once the talk has finished.

    We do politely ask that seats in the free seating theatres are NOT HELD for friends/family between or during talks. Crew will ask you to remove bags/coats from empty seats if they believe a seat is being held for longer than the time it takes to get food or have a bathroom break – please be mindful of fellow attendees who may wish to have a seat for the next talk.

  • If you have any questions or queries regarding your actual booking or payment and you have your booking reference ready to quote please contact Eventbrite who will be able to assist.

  • Yes, simply follow the links to buy tickets and proceed with purchasing individual photo shoots and talk tickets as and when they go on sale.

  • If you know that you will be unable to attend the event but are desperate for one of our guests autographs we will be able to assist – details will be posted soon to this website and our social media regarding our pre-order service. The pre-order service is only available to those not attending the event. Members of the pre-order team will secure your autograph over the weekend and post it to you soon after the event has ended. Full details for costs and postage will be availble when launched.

    Autographs can not be purchased in advanced for visitors, and are only available to buy on the day once you are in the queue for that guest. Due to the nature of autographs, this is the best guarantee that you will get what you pay for, and avoid disappointment.

  • ExCeL London is fully accessible with medical teams available. If you require assistance at the event and are registered disabled you are permitted to bring one carer with you. Please scroll down to the form below to apply.

    Please note; disabled parking bays and access to wheelchairs from the venue are limited and only available on a first come first served basis. You can contact the venue via this link which also contains information for disabled visitors.

  • The Massive Events team is committed to making sure that all of our fans have an amazing experience but it is a popular event and as such the venue can get very busy and crowded. There is a lot to see and so visiting involves a bit of movement around the building and some periods of standing for autographs and photo shoots. They can also be noisy so please consider your individual needs when deciding whether to attend the event.

  • Extra Help pass – this is a wristband that identifies you to the crew as someone who needs assistance during the event.

    Carers Entry – We offer one free carers entry when accompanying an attendee that requires extra help. This permits access to the event for the sole purpose to assist with the full paying attendee and as such those entering with this pass will not be permitted to take part in any activities as an individual e.g. Photo shoots or autographs.

  • Entrance – The entrance point for those requiring an expedited entrance will be advised closer to the event via the website. Upon arrival please make yourself known to the front door crew if you require any form of extra help and they will direct you to the registration desk where you will be issued with an extra help and carers (if applicable) wristband on presentation of your documents, please have these ready. Please note that if you have a timed entry ticket you can only enter after that time.

    Photo shoots – You must have a valid ticket for the shoot you are attending but if you make yourself known to the crew member in the area and they will expedite your queuing time. Your carer can assist you right up to the shoot inside the booth and standing out of shot whilst the photo is taken. Our photo printing is instant and you can collect your print before exiting the booth.

    Talk areas – Where possible we will mark disabled seating but please bear in mind that all seating is on a first come first served basis. Please ask to speak to the crew who will direct wheelchair positioning or will try to accommodate an aisle seat if possible. We operated both free and paid talks at events and any paid talks will be advertised beforehand and require a separate paid for ticket. Your carer can accompany you for free to any talks you have access to.

    Autograph lines – In most cases we operate a Virtual Queuing system for busy guests. This means that you do not need to queue for long periods. You will either be called up depending on your ticket package or a VQ ticket will be required. You (or your carer) collect a numbered ticket at the beginning of the day in the signing area and return any time after that number has been called. As an attendee identified as requiring extra help due to being unable to stand for long periods, once your VQ ticket has been called you will be put towards the front of the queue to reduce your actual queueing time. As a rough guide your actual queuing time should be no more than 10 minutes.

  • Individuals who may have mobility, physical, vision, hearing, cognitive, psychological, invisible or other types of disabilities are all taken into consideration for extra help. We hope you can understand that we have to ensure that the right people are able to receive help at the show so we require evidence in the format of one of the below documents to be shown upon entrance with your valid entry ticket.

    • Disability Living Allowance (DLA) award letter
    • Attendance Allowance (AA) award letter
    • Blind Persons Registration
    • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
    • Armed Forces Independence Payment
    • A current and valid Blue Badge (photocopy of both sides)
    • A medical letter from your doctor or consultant explaining your reasons for needing extra assistance

    Please note that the event organisers have the right to refuse access or additional help at their discretion.

  • To enable us to issue your wristbands as quickly as possible on the day we ask that you pre-register using our online form. We will only be in touch if there is an issue with your application. Please note that you will not be contacted to confirm if you have been successful.

    Name of attendee(Required)
    Is a carers pass required?(Required)
    Name of Carer(Required)
    I understand the nature of the event and have carried out my own risk assessment(Required)
  • Full details can be found on the ExCeL London website.

  • Assistance dogs are welcome, but we do not recommend that you bring them to events where noise levels are high.

  • ExCeL London is able to provide wheelchairs to those in need, free of charge. Wheelchairs can be hired from both ends of the venue, please speak to one of our security concierge for assistance. Please note that unfortunately we are unable to offer pre-booking for these chairs which will be available on a first come, first serve basis. A form of ID (such as a driving licence, a passport, etc.) is required upon hire as a security measure.

    Mobility scooters are free of charge to hire. They are subject to availability so please email your enquiry to and we will confirm if there is one available for you to borrow. All you need is a form of ID which will be held as surety for the daily period of the loan.

    Please note: Mobility equipment hire is only available during show open times.

  • If at any point during the day you have any issues, your first port of call would be to speak to our Pit Bosses (our senior crew in red) but if for some reason they can’t help, you can ask to speak to our head of crew. Please note that it is very hard for us to rectify any issues you have after the event so please do highlight these at the time so we can assist in making your visit enjoyable.

  • The best time to ask our guests a question is during a talk when they are on stage. You can either step up to the microphone to ask a question yourself or submit a question to be asked on your behalf. Please be aware that with an event such as this, many of our other attendees wish to ask our guests questions too, so please be patient as we make our way round.

    While we try to allow all our visitors the opportunity to ask their questions, the talks are limited by time which will impact the amount of questions we get to ask the guest so if somebody else asks the question you were going to ask, please try and think of another question to ask.

    Please also be considerate of fellow attendees and do not ask for anything personal to you during a talk such as a hug or birthday wishes, whilst this is a great experience for you, and you alone, it’s not considered an appropriate use of the limited time with that guest whilst they are on stage that the entire audience are there to enjoy.

  • To a degree this is allowed but please be extra aware following recent events. We want to be fairly relaxed about costume weaponry but we do ask that you employ a good dose of common sense if you do decide to bring anything – keep it wrapped/boxed/safe during transit and ensure it won’t be a danger to others should you find yourself in a crowded part of the hall. Weapons that raise concern will be screened by security who will check it further any may deem it too dangerous to be taken into the event.

    METAL WEAPON REPLICAS are NOT permitted at the event.

  • Yes! Destination Star Trek venues will have cloakroom facilities available on site. More info.

  • At each of our photoshoots you will receive a 6″ x 9″ photo. This will be available for you to collect from the photo area as soon as your photoshoot has finished. So no need to wait. Don’t forget to bring something with you on the day to keep your photos and/or autographs safe during transit – a plastic folder or hardback book are the best options.

Some Simple Do’s and Don’ts to consider before attending

  • Plan ahead – don’t miss anything, make sure you check schedules and timetables once available and decide what you want to do in advance, purchase your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment and ensure you understand and are aware of what your ticket entitles you to prior to the event. If you do have any issues with clashes or attendance please do talk to a member of crew once you are at the event and prior to the activity – it is a lot easier for us to resolve these issues on the day than after the event, and we will do everything in our power to assist.
  • Be prepared – expect to spend the majority of your day on site at the event, wear sensible shoes, comfortable clothes, etc.
  • Bring something to put autographs and photos in – these are precious items that will hold memories of your time at the event, bring a suitable hard back folder or envelope in order to get them home safely.
  • Remember to eat – it’s easy to forget with so much going on but try and make sure you always have drink or snacks with you.
  • Food – there are quite a few options on site for food but try to organise your time around your schedule and avoid busy times so you can eat without the stress, and more importantly have a better chance at a seat!
  • Ask Questions – if you don’t understand something or need to ask a question then crew are on hand to help, make use of them as they are purely there to help you!

If you can’t find the answer here please email

For venue specific questions please visit the comprehensive ExCeL London website that outlines all of their services and venue facilities

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